Viajante Restaurant   THH 5* Interior Design   Modular room system
London, UK   London, UK   Wolrdwide
Respite   Mastelle Ltd   RARE Design/Ligne Roset
Arctic Interiors and Furniture   Restaurant Porte 12   Coastal Hotel 4*
Lapland, Finland   Paris, France   Novi Vinolski, Croatia
Transun Ltd   Chef Andre Chiang   GH Holdings
Edwardian Bar   Parisian interiors   Hotel Design and listed building Refurbishment
London, UK   Paris, France   Fulham, London, UK
Respite Ltd   Private   Mastelle Ltd
Fulham Restaurants   Soho loft
Fulham, UK   London, UK    
Respite Ltd   Vinyl Factory    
Tailored answers for augmented spatial and tactile experiences.
RARE’s detailed response to a project’s contextual fabric has allowed the exploration of nuances in both materials and techniques to achieve a truly unique and contemporary finish. RARE has worked in close collaboration with various artists to offer such bespoke elements.