Resort Masterplanning   Arctic Resort   Television Centre
Koh Samui, Thailand   Lapland, Finland   London, UK
Transun   Transun   Waterway
Science Park   Newhaven Fort - Strategic development   Masterplanning - Mixed used and multimodal 40K sqm scheme
Tainan, Taiwan   Newhaven, UK   Paris, France
LED corporation   Lewes District Council   Bouygues
Clenkerwell former Fire Station   Historical luxury hotel transformation   Sport and Leisure resort masterplanning
London, UK   Westminster, London, UK   Kemer, Turkey
Mastelle   The May Fair   Club Med
Listed Buildings   Urban research   Commercial and residential conversion
Worldwide   Worldwide   London, UK
Public & Private institutions   AA / RARE Urban   Waterway
Designs resolving complex cultural, physical and environmental conditions.
The management of constraints and opportunities of dense settings is met with an analytical and creative approach. RARE’s explicit representational tools create an open dialogue between existing and prospective in a given context.