Arctic Igloo   Ephemeral Restaurant   Edwardian Lights
Lapland, Finland   London, UK   London, UK
Transun   100% Design   Respite Ltd
DCS - Digitally Crafted Surfaces   EDWARD collection   TWIG Furniture collection
Wolrdwide   Wolrdwide   Wolrdwide
RARE Design   RARE Design   RARE Design
Negative screen   Modular room system   The + collection
Milano, Italy   Wolrdwide   Wolrdwide
Industreal / RARE Design   RARE Design / Ligne Roset   RARE Design
Soho's interventions   Parametric ornaments   One Off Objects
London, UK   London, UK   Milano, Italy
Vynil Factory   RARE Design   Industreal
Showroom Concept        
London, UK        
Ligne Roset        
Design can be rare and prospective using advanced technologies and processes.
Our focus is on forward-looking designs that can embed efficient engineering solutions. Material research with advanced production technologies drives RARE’s performative solutions and innovations.